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Seller: asfanno.1 (7,140) 99.4%, Location: Kibutz Shaar Haamakim, default, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 291640709333 "ASHALIM" (TAMARISKׁׂ) UNIT PATCHBEER SHEVA CITY URBAN POLICING ISRAEL POLICE ,INTEGRATED POLICING , URBAN POLICING BEER SHEVA ( THE CAPITAL CITY OF THE SOUTH ) RARE PATCH IN CENTER THE SYMBOL OF CITY WITH THE POLICE EMBLEM VERY RARE VERY HARD TO GET AN ARM PATCH EMBROIDERED MINT HIGH QUALITY 2 COLORS SIZE 4.5" (11.5cm) X 3.9" (10cm) PLEASE SEE MY OTHER ITEMS I will combin shipment until 10 patches in a price of one shipment (4 USD) Beer ShevaThe term "Beer" refers here. Confidence about dealing with the field, see security information .Beer ShevaSymbol of the city of Be'er ShevaName in Arabicبئر السبعDistrictSouthernMUNICIPALCity HallMayorRubik DanilovichHeight Average260metersEstablished1900(New Town)Type of settlementCity with 100-200 thousand inhabitantsPopulation data by the CBS end of December2012 : - Population197 269 inhabitants - Change the size of the population0.4% in the year to December2012 - Population Density1,679 residents tosquare kilometersJurisdiction117 500hectaresBeer ShevaSocio - economic5 out of 10Gini index0.4302 [ Presentation ] nationality and religion [ show ] Population by Age [ Presentation ] EducationBeersheba Profile as of 2011 poster CBShttp://beer-sheva.muni.ilBeer Sheva (in Arabic : بئر السبع ) is a city in the Southern District . Is the seventh largest in population in the State of Israel , and one territory (after Jerusalem).jurisdiction of Be'er Sheva is 117 500 hectares. [1] became a city [2] in 1906 .The city lies in the Negev , at the foot of Mount Hebron and is called "capital of the Negev" because it is the main city and the largest in the region. City are Ben - Gurion University , Soroka Medical Center , Be'er Sheva Theater , the Israel Sinfonietta , a district court , the Market Bedouin and Negev Brigade Monument .Municipal jurisdiction of Be'er Sheva are about 38 percent of total unrecognized villages , which are scattered about a quarter of the Bedouin .Head of Beersheba Municipality since November 2008 is the Rubik Danilovich .The city is a member cities of the 15th Forum and South Of Companies Forum.Table of Contents [ hide ] 1 Beersheba Bible2 History2.1 During the Ottoman period2.2 British Mandate period2.3 War of Independence2.4 of the state3 Geography and climate3.1 Geography3.2 Climate4 Population5 City Today5.1 City Neighborhoods5.2 Industrial Zones5.3 sites and institutions in5.4 Architecture6 Education6.1 Institutions of Higher Education6.2 youth movements in7 Transportation7.1 Infrastructure Roads7.2 Buses7.3 Train7.4 Main Streets8 Sports8.1 Athletics8.2 Wrestling8.3 Exercise8.4 Tennis8.5 Table Tennis8.6 Football8.7 Basketball8.8 Football8.9 Pool8:10 Chess8.11 Other sportsNine mayors10 Twin Cities11 read more12 External links13 footnotesBeersheba Bible [ Edit source code | Editorial ]Extended values - Tel Be'er Sheva , Be'er AvrahamOriginal name of the city is in the Bible , [3] where told that Abraham proved hisAbimelech king of Gerar , the well was stolen away by his servants. The two made a pact in place:And Abraham took sheep and oxen, and gave them unto Abimelech and cut down both allies. And Abraham set - seven ewe flock by themselves.And Abimelech said unto - Abraham , What these seven ewe lambswhich placing Lbdna. And he said that the - seven ewe take my hand, for the will - I witness that I dug the - this well. The - yes he called that placeBeersheba, because there both of them swore . , and made a covenant in Beersheba, and Abimelech and Pirelli Minister - his army were at the - land of the Philistines. And planted a grove in Beersheba, and called - where the name of God to the world.- Book of Genesis , chapter each , verses Twenty-seventh - LagIsaac concluded a treaty with Abimelech, while the servants of Isaac, and the shepherds of Gerar argued the wells.Even Isaac made a covenant with Abimelech, the same day he was told his servants that found Beer:And Isaac digged the - Barth water which they had dug in the days of Abraham his father and Istmom Philistines after Abraham's death and called them names that when he died - his father had called them ... and my friend dragged his opponent with - my friend Isaac told us the water ... and went from there to Beersheba. Saw him Thursday night and said, I am the God of Abraham thy father - Fear that - I am with you and bless you and most of the - seed for my servant Abraham. And he built there an altar, and called the name of the Lord Witt - where his tent and dating - where servants - Isaac Barr. Abimelech went to him from the other dragged possession and Pirelli Minister - army ... and made them a feast, and they ate and drank. And they rose up early in the morning and swear to one another , and sent them away, Isaac and brought him safely. came to pass that day So the servants of Isaac, and they told him about - because of a well which they had dug, and said to him, we found water. , and called you seven on - well there - the city Beersheba to this day.- Book of Genesis , Chapter etc. , verses eighteen - LagBeersheba is mentioned many times in the Bible. [4] in the Book of Joshua Beersheba is mentioned as one of the cities of the tribe of Simeon , and has been mentioned many times in the southern city of the Kingdom of Israel and the significant phrase "from Dan to Beer - Sheva" . [5] also doe , mother of Joash king of Judah, was born in Be'er Sheva. [6]In the past it was common to identify with the biblical Beersheba Tel Be'er Sheva east of the city. Result of archeological excavations in Beersheba itself, there are now identifying it [clarification needed] with the settlement took place in the Old City in the eighth century BC. [7]History [ edit source code | Editorial ]Main article - History of Beer ShevaAt the end of the period of Roman rule in the Byzantine period settlement existed in Beersheba whose remains are found in today's urban market. Writings of Eusebius of Caesarea and Jerome of the fourth century, described the small town with a Roman guard force. [8] The city is also mentioned in Madaba . With the Arab conquest the city was abandoned again.During the Ottoman period [ Edit source code | Editorial ]Beer Sheva in 1917The ruling Ottoman renewed settlement near Beer Sheva in 1900 to strengthen their grip on the edge of the Empire, and in an attempt to make the Bedouin inhabitants of - debit.Location City Chiefs selected border three major Bedouin in the Negev (Azazme, Zorba Hamdeen), also at this location were groundwater performance, which allowed obtaining water settle relatively easily. In 1901 established a home Saraya , two-story structure in order to achieve better control over the Bedouin area, reduce robberies and avoid conflicts among the Bedouin. The building was also originally police station. The new city called Bir al - Saba ( Arabic : بئر السبع ) established on the northern bank of Nahal Be'er Sheva .The city was built about 5 miles west of the ancient settlement, according to the plans of two engineers Arabs, Sayed Afandi Alnshasibi and Rajab Alnshasibi and two engineers European ( German and Swiss ) in a modern style streets crisscross pattern, [9] where only the largest mosque facing Mecca disrupts this pattern. All town houses were built of local materials and were one - story. In 1906 was declared Beersheba city official ceremony, which was also unveiled Grand Mosque. That year were established Saraya House and Religious Studies Grade Bedouin children. [10]Most of the inhabitants were Arabs from Hebron and Gaza and a few Bedouins. At its height was home to about 1,000 residents: almost all Muslims , some Christians , and Jews alone.In the First World War the city became a logistics center - an important military population quadrupled. Established nearby airport the first in Israel. In addition, on October 30, 1915 , after nine months of construction, was inaugurated railway station connecting the city through the " Southern Railway "Lod and later connected to the Hejaz railway . This event attended Ahmad Jamal Pasha Ottoman and other senior officials. Designed to keep track south and reach the vicinity of the Suez Canal , which had hoped for German and Turkish armies to conquer, but not built to the utmost. For this purpose built railway bridge on the Turkish Beersheba River which is one of the symbols of the city. [11] also participated in building Jewish workers some of whom were killed in the bombing of the RAF. Rapid development during the war included installation of electric lighting, building houses, ice factory and a printing [12] .British Mandate period [ Edit source code | Editorial ]Forces IDF enter Beersheba, 22 October 1948Leonard Bernstein plays with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra concert is open to soldiers in Beersheba, 1948According to the partition plan of the UN city was supposed to be included in the Arab state.On October 31, 1917 the city was occupied by British forces of General Allenby after repeated failures in breaking the Ottoman line in Gaza . Light Horse were prominent among the Australians , and is considered the last great battle astride history. Be'er Sheva is located military cemetery for fallen World War I where the graves of British soldiers, Australians and New Zealanders, Lido was opened in 2002 Ottoman soldiers monument.After the conquest of Rafah on 1917 British built standard gauge railway from Rafah to Beersheba. This line was inaugurated in May of that year. With the end of World War I, was Beersheba connected two rails, one narrow and the other to the Lod standard to Rafah and Egypt from the south and north Lod and Haifa. Tracks Rafah was active until 1927 and then it also stopped trains because it had no economic justification.On November 16, 1920 reached the High Commissioner Herbert Samuel state visit to Be'er Sheva. The ceremony was held in the square next to the school for Bedouin children.During the British rule was Benjamin A. - Saba City arabic to 1936 there were a number of Jewish families. According to the census of 1922, there were 2,356 residents in Be'er Sheva which 235 Christians, 98 Jews and 11 Druze. According to the census of 1931, there were 2,959 residents in Beersheba, some 2,751 Muslims, 152 Christians, 11 Jews and 5 Baha'is. The city had 545 homes. [13] According to a survey of the villages in 1945had a population of -5570 inhabitants. [14] British mayoral appointed the Sheikh Farih Abu Madin , [15] Sheikh Shevat Hnag'ra , who influential people in the local population and served in World War I as a guide to the British forces. Bedouin sheikh was one of the few who were living in the city.War of Independence [ Edit source code | Editorial ]During an Egyptian army to Israel Israel in the War of Independence , took control of the city on May 19, 1948 two battalions of the Muslim Brotherhood , some of which remained in the city and some of them went through Hebron towards Jerusalem . As part of "Operation Moses", which was part of Operation Yoav , commander of the southern front cast, General Yigal Allon , the conquest of the city Negev Brigade , commanded by Nahum Sarig , reinforcement 82 and 89 battalions from the 8th Brigade . occupation of the city is set for October 20, 1948 . Bombed by program B-17 the city before the due date, but the attack on the city began only at the dawn of the 21st October . So began artillery shelling the city from several directions and began to attack armored diversion. The breakthrough into the fortified led breakout Department Battalion 9. Having mastered the new neighborhood, which was part of the set of the fortified city of Hadera company "French commandos" that cleared the built-up area of the city and moved to a nearby police compound which was located in the headquarters of the Egyptian army. 09:00 Egyptian commander surrendered after being fired shells anti-tankcannon mounted on caterpillar, at the police building. afternoon of Thursday 21 October the city was conquered, [16] and Michael Hanegbi was appointed to the military governor of the city. [ 17] on November 20, arrived in town Leonard Bernstein and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra to appear before the soldiers [18] Shortly after the occupation of the city was built in a temporary military hospital run by the Medical Corps . following the war began populating the houses were fought by the Arab army liberated "to and new immigrants .Of the state [ Edit source code | Editorial ]View of the city in 1950, the valueIn October 1949 was transferred to a military hospital Hadassah Zionist Organization and thus became a civilian hospital. In addition to established practice of community health fund.On February 26, 1950 was held at the club soldier, the first meeting of the municipal committee, headed by David Tuvia participation Interior Minister Haim-Moshe Shapira and government representatives. The meeting was opened by the military governor, Major Michael Hanegbi [19]On Sunday, December 31, 1950 Inauguration ceremony of the new city status Labor Minister Golda Meir . [20] The new city was built north of Turkey, it has absorbed many immigrants, and was built under the program of "garden city" in suburban private homes widely scattered large. But then it was decided that this program is not suitable environmental conditions and climate, and soon were packed into new neighborhoods. At1960 inaugurated Soroka Hospital . In 1964 was held the IDF parade in the city by order of the Prime Minister and the new security Levi Eshkol . at 1970 inaugurated University of the Negev, later renamed to Ben - Gurion University of the Negev . at 1973 were established theater and Sinfonietta Beer Sheva city. B - 1979 visited the city president of Egypt, Anwar Sadat . B -90s with the coming wave of immigration from the Soviet Union , former city received new momentum and almost doubled the built-up area and population.On August 31, 2004 took place in the city two suicide attacks when two terrorists blew up two buses interiors while driving, and caused the murder of 16 Israeli civilians and injuring over 100.During Operation Cast Lead , from December 2008 rockets fired at Grad fired from the Gaza Strip and sparking the wake of the terrorist attacks in southern Israel in August 2011, repeated rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip at the city, causing killing, wounded, and damage to property. During Operation Nube following the assassination of Ahmed Jabari, the very heavy volleys were fired causing extensive damage barrages were launched daily at the city.On June 4, 2010 , the city was the first time an event of pride in the amphitheater of the Youth Center in the Old City, sponsored by the City of Be'er Sheva, [21] and since then he has held every year.Geography and Climate [ Edit source code | Editorial ]Geography [ Edit source code | Editorial ]Nahal Be'er Sheva , outside the city, arid most of the year. Sometimes in the winter, after a rainstorm, the water flow looks strong.Beersheba Valley lies at the northern edge of the desert Negev , at the foot hills of Hebron , at an average elevation of 280 meters above sea level. Beer Sheva is located in the center of the valley, 115 km south-east of Tel Aviv and 120 kilometers southwest of Jerusalem .The city is located on Highway 40 coming from the north of Israel and across the central region of Israel, to Eilat in the far south.According to archaeological findings, the Beersheba Valley was inhabited for thousands of years. Despite the arid climate made possible thanks to living in underground wateravailable for drinking. The water in the winter come from Hebron and accumulates in the mountain aquifer . The existence of wells many Be'er Sheva Valley known predecessor and is mentioned in the Bible. well known is Abraham's Well . Nevertheless, with the development of urban settlement and population growth, it appears that the wells are not sufficient even as an exclusive source for the supply of drinking water and irrigation in the northern Negev. venture national carrier initiated The State of Israel is designed to give that answer.Ground with the Be'er Sheva and the Negev is loess , made from clay and smaller amounts of clay and sand loosely connected using calcium carbonate. Loess sediment is usually homogeneous and porous. The rain usually does not penetrate the top layer of loess because of the high clay content, quickly turns to mud , waterproof, and therefore particularly sensitive Angeles areas to flood . Main stream Beersheba Valley is Nahal Be'er Sheva . While summer is arid, it may be overwhelmed by floods in winter.Winds flat area, soil type, dryness in the absence of precipitation, a phenomenon often causes sand storms .Terms of urban geographic , Beer Sheva serves as metropolitan . It is surrounded by a large number of satellite towns smaller thereof, including Omar , blades , string , Horizons , Yeruham , and more, in kibbutzim and seats many, and Bedouin communities, including the city of Rahat , Hura , Kseifa , Lakia , undermined - in the Negev , and more. As the cultural and employment in the region prominently in the phenomenon of commuting . [22]Climate [ Edit source code | Editorial ]The climate prevailing in Be'er Sheva ( method köppen ), is a combination of desert climate is hot and dry, with the effects of climate and sea - Mediterranean . Desert considerable impact large temperature differences between day and night, summer and winter. Hot dry summers and cool, rainy winter. Very rare summer rains, and winter are few relative to the average in Israel: about -204 millimeters of rain in 41 days, on average.Weather in Beersheba (as of August 2011)MonthJanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecemberYearAverage maximum daily temperature (C °)15.718.521.126.829.431.333.732.829.625.520.218.125.7A minimum average daily temperature (C °)6.58.611.314.815.418.821.520.918.514.712.68.914.2Average precipitation (mm)49.638.425.712.92.70001.415.829.741.9204.1Source: Israel Meteorological Service [23]Population [ Edit source code | Editorial ]Logo branding Beersheba presented by the city in 2012 and shown on all official documents since theAccording to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), as of December 2012 , live in Be'er Sheva 197 269 inhabitants. population was growing at an annual rate of 0.4%. According to CBS, as of December 2012 , the city ranked fifth out of 10, ranking the socio - economic . Matriculation Certificate Holders twelfth grade pupils in the year of the Lord Tsha"b ( 2011 - 2012 ) was 65.3%. average monthly salary of the employee for the year 2011 was NIS 7,062 (national average: NIS 7,964). [24] . [25]Because they are the Central Bureau of Statistics and the Population figures do not include those who have not changed the address of the Interior Ministry, and in Beer Sheva is a university town, it is likely that the number of its residents actually significantly greater. [26] In addition, as a big city, culturally developed and industrialized in the Southern District , where prominent phenomenon of commuting , with hundreds of thousands more working there and are there during the day. [27] [28]Street traders and buyers JNFBelow is data population development of the city residents: The city today [ edit source code | Editorial ]City neighborhoods [ Edit source code | Editorial ]Main article - Beer Sheva: NeighborhoodsPedestrian FundBeersheba has emerged from the " Old City "was built in the late Ottoman period , and today is used primarily for trade and culture. The first building after the War of Independence is Malibu to the south. Then most neighborhoods were built north of the old city, and given alphabetical names in order of construction, viewed from A to Region XI (excluding G, H, J). Additional neighborhood was built at that time is garden oasis that lies south of the Old City beyond the Nahal Be'er Sheva . since the 90 added these neighborhoods Ramot , Neve Zeev, Neot Lon River Nahal Beka smoke.Industrial Zones [ Edit source code | Editorial ]Two industrial areas are in East Jerusalem and the southern industrial area, known asSarah Valley , and the northern industrial area dividers Nahal Be'er Sheva , Beersheba River Park and tracks the train . Train tracks circling the northern industrial area and the train station is lifting it. Northern region are also a major commercial and entertainment Seventh Avenue, B-7, and BIG ONE and specified in the southern commercial center front seven. Center of the city to the west, is the Grand Canyon . Close to Ben - Gurion University built Bayside Park Negev industries Hi - Tech , and later planned establishment of Kiryat the CMC of the IDF .Sites and institutions in [ Editing Source Code | Editorial ]Soroka University Medical CenterUrban sites and state: Courthouse Beersheba , Magistrate's Court , Government Administration , Soroka University Medical Center , near white (Beer Sheva) , Southern Command , Magen David Adom (Southern Region), urban oasis , Park of the Australian Soldier, skatepark Beer Seven , the Zoological Garden of Beersheba , Beersheba Turn Trail , Home Warrior - Southern Region.Historical sites: Beit Eshel , Beer Abraham , the Great Mosque of Beersheba , the school children of the Bedouin , Turkish railway station , the British military cemetery in Be'er Sheva , the Turkish monument in Beersheba ,the Negev Pharmacy , Turkish railway bridge over Nahal Be'er Sheva .Sites and cultural institutions: Beersheba Culture Hall , the public library , Negev Museum of Art , Science Park collapsed , Youth Center , Artists House , Municipal Conservatory Beer Sheva , Be'er Sheva Theater , Beer Sheva Fringe Theater , Museum of Arts Lottery , Israel Sinfonietta Beer Sheva , Kamea Dance Company , Civic Center Art Dance Beer Sheva (Bat-Dor Beer Sheva) , Center Havayeda nature , brass band Be'er Sheva , Forum Beer Sheva , Stadium Vasermil , Stadium Beersheba new , but the conch , the ITC - Beer Sheva .Sites and institutions which are the immediate vicinity of Beer Sheva: Negev Nuclear Research Center - Negev air base premises ,IDF base , Air Force Museum , the Museum is open Omar , a proper enthusiast , Beer resources , Beer Sheva prison . Architecture [ Edit source code | Editorial ]While public housing architecture of Beersheba as a whole is not unique to the city (except for the neighborhood, for example, below), in public buildings, multiple dwellings and the region, for example, join in Brutalist architecture. Architecture inspired by the name given to her bare concrete term French béton brut. The intention behind the name is Architecture "truth" reveals the software, its structure and its material. Unique architectural place and the people, and not dependent fashion.In the sixties - Seventy were'' 'Be'er Sheva''' Many buildings Brotlisteim: Single people, academics hostel dormitories, Central Negev, movie lights, called her a 'sample (including synagogue dome), stimulating Tower, the Pyramid, the city market, Town Hall, the Negev Brigade Monument, shared patio homes in the neighborhood, members of Ben Gurion University Campus (Phase I), student dormitories Tuesday, conservatory, Babylonian synagogue, Beit Yad white maternity hospital and research center on campus Soroka hospital building centers, but Rafi Weiler Arno building campus departments. These structures, including carpet and fabric of the neighborhood surrounding structures unique example Beersheba, because they combined the international Brutalist school ethics and unique local ingredients relating desert architecture. They were influenced by local Arab architecture includes the tent, Casbah and the house around the courtyard. [29] , [30] , [31] . Association for Architectural Heritage Brutalist school founded by architect Dr. Hadas Dispatch and Architect Omri Oz said, watching intently this qualitative structural measures for urban regeneration in Beersheba and has set a goal to promote the recognition of the capital of Hbrotlizm Be'er Sheva in Israel. "Education [ Edit source code | Editorial ]This section is incomplete. Please contributed to Wikipedia and complete it . You may find details in the talk page .Building Central Library named Warren atBen - Gurion University of the NegevBeer-Sheva Campus of the College of Engineering NegevAs of 2011, Beer Sheva live 31,813 students spread out over 79 primary schools and post - primary city. The average number of students per class is 25 [32] . According to data fromthe Ministry of Education , right to the 'Tsha"b percentage in the matriculation exam is 61.6% [33] .Higher education institutions [ Edit source code | Editorial ]Be'er Sheva works Ben - Gurion University of the Negev , which is one of nine universities.The university has campuses also in Sde Boker and Eilat . Be'er Sheva also has a campus of the Open University . In addition, the city has a number of higher education institutions:College of Engineering Shamoon , College of Technology , Yeshivat Beit Moriah arrangement , Kaye College , College of Management , Goodman - Acting School of the Negev , Institute of Applied Research .Youth groups in the city [ Edit source code | Editorial ]Iggy - movement activity takes place at the central branch Ariel - Branch girls in levels ofBetar - movement activity takes place in the neighborhood junior girls houses - Bnei Akiva - Action Movement slice seven branches in: Beersheba Central Negev Highlands, King Saul (a branch of Ethiopian community), Neve Zeev, river smoke and called G. National YouthBranch - one neighborhood at Labor Youth - movement activity takes place in two nests: Ken T Ken Neve Zeev viewers - movement activity is concentrated in two tribes: Tribe budding Negev neighborhood A. and Joab tribe in levels of Hashomer Hatzair - movement activity takes place in two nests: Ken Ken Beersheba levels Krembo Wings - Beersheba branch activities at the community center gems in the neighborhood South M. Young - movement activity takes place in two branches: Branch Beer Sheva and Nahal Beka still " UN - movement activity takes place at the branch in the neighborhood Ezra - movement activity takes place at the central branch block A [34] Transportation [ edit source code | Editorial ]Road infrastructure [ Edit source code | Editorial ]Bridge pipes Park Nahal Be'er - ShevaCentral Station BeershebaBeersheba Railway Station CenterBeersheba across multiple routers major transportation Highway 40 / Highway 406 Before crossing Route 40 the city of Be'er Sheva south to north but paving a bypass road Beersheba different number of the section of road between Junction fate intersection stockmen (interrupted bypass road Okc Beersheba) to Route 406. Highway 406 is now the northern entrance and most central to the city . His label passed by Presidents (Reger Blvd date) At the end of Sderot Reger and his encounter with Sderot David Tuvia which label goes Route 25. Unite both music stored Boulevard south to smart until they separate;Smart Boulevard intersection between Yigal Allon and Elat. Route 25 continues to the way Yigal Allon and Highway 406 towards Elat.Highway 25 Highway 25 enters into Beersheba from the north west. In the past, until the paved section Beersheba - Beit Kama , this entrance was the main entrance to the city. Today this entrance is the port cities minded Netivot , Sderot , Ashkelon and other towns located northwest of Beersheba. Route 25 continues with Sderot David Tuvia to union with Route 406 after the imitators he continues southeast toward Dimona , and from there to the intersection prairie where he met with Highway 90 (Willow Road)Route 60 This road continues with the label of Hebron Road. Out from Beersheba from the northeast and continues to Hebron , and from there to Jerusalem . Do despite being the shortest, Beer Sheva to Jerusalem There are not many who choose to go it because it runs mostly inthe West Bank . This road is among other things the exit from Beersheba to Arad and towns located north of Beersheba as Omar and the otherRoad 2375 This road goes the way of the Boulevard features the Joe Alon and from out of town port side toward the base premises and premises.Buses [ Edit source code | Editorial ]Public transport in the city runs through the internal bus company Metrodan neighborhoods and city centers main institutions. In addition to the city center is the central bus station , which serves the interurban bus transport from Eilat to Karmiel.Train [ Edit source code | Editorial ]In two stations: railway station Beersheba center , near the central bus station of the city and the railway station Beersheba North , near Ben - Gurion University . Upgrade Project Southern railroad ended in 2012 shortened the travel time by train from Beersheba center of the country and allowed the increasing number of trains on this route.Main Streets [ Edit source code | Editorial ]Hebron Road (Beer Sheva)MatsadaBoulevard TuviyahuPedestrian FundMaimonidesRager Boulevard (former Presidents)Sderot ShazarJohanna Jabotinsky StreetSport [ Edit source code | Editorial ]The stadium is located in the Municipal Stadium Vasermil , which is the seventh-largest stadium in the country which play Hapoel andMaccabi Beer Sheva.Future is expected to rise "sports complex" north of the city include municipal football stadium contains 16,000 seats are covered, but the shell - multi-purpose sports hall of 3,000 places, golf training complex and sports and recreation center. [35]August 2013 inaugurated skatepark Beersheba surfers skateboarding and rollerblading at a cost of $ 7.5 million, an area of 2800 square meters and is one of the largest and quality in Israel.Athletics [ Edit source code | Editorial ]In 1953 there was a relay first Beersheba, 7x1000 meters from Beersheba Kibbutz Hatzerim and Be'er Sheva won the Cup. Hapoel Beer Sheva Club Athletics was founded in 1962 and in 1966 trained the first track municipal stadium. The club brought to many achievements. Athletes of the most prominent were: Hannah sloes , champion and record holder in Israel and Asia runs to 800 Val -1500 meters , Paul Daniel , Xi'an World in walking competitive , pegged Ahhalchim Israeli of all time, Rebecca Krugman , Israel champion runs for 100 meters and to - 200 m . In 1986 the Group established Maccabi Beer Sheva in athletics. Prominent athletes were: Staff make a mistake , Israel champion in shot put and Ofer Gershon , Israeli champion in discus throw . Maccabi Athletics Club members Negev Beer Sheva, Dimona was established in the city under the name Dimona Negev Brigade members and included athletes from Dimona, cord, blades, Yeruham and Beer Sheva. In 2001 the club moved to Be'er Sheva and became the center of activity of athletics in Beer Sheva to date (2012). The club specializes in subjects shot and smelled and most Israeli generals and top True Israel belong to the club: Sivan Jean , Eugenia Zbolotni , Itamar Levy , Victor Zginaico and Asael Arad runs: Anastasia Kirilov, Tatiana Admnko.Wrestling [ Edit source code | Editorial ]Beersheba has won many Israeli champion in wrestling. Back in the 60's Jackie Azoulay won multiple times Israel Championship Wrestling. Branch in Be'er Sheva won the international achievement with the arrival of coach David FLY in 1975. 80s dominated Hapoel Beer Sheva in Israel completely. Outstanding wrestlers were: Elijah Haritun, Morris Tzitziaswili, headway with World Champion (1981), son Mgriliswili, vice headway with World Champion (1982), Moses - Simon, Vice headway with World Champion (1983), Meyer Tz'hnsky world champion headway with ( 1985), Bernstein stone ninth place in the Olympics in Seoul (1988) , Age Hnnsowili Wednesday at the World Championships (1988), Giora Avishai third world championship (1987), Eric Mendel headway with Vice World Champion (1989) and Guca Tzitziaswili World Champion (2003 ), fifth place at the Atlanta Olympics (1996) and sixth place in the Sydney Olympics (2000) .Exercise [ Edit Code Source | Edit ]Early 70s were gymnasts from Hapoel Beer Sheva Israeli championships led by Yehuda Kaplan . Ron Kaplan participated in the Barcelona Olympics (1992) and world championships in gymnastics, Meir rafts and Uzi Mercy also participated in gymnastics world championships.Tennis [ Edit source code | Editorial ]Main article - ITC - Beer ShevaTable Tennis [ Edit source code | Editorial ]Be'er Sheva is active in the Association Table Tennis , Israel's largest verb "beaters Lion" Beersheba. The Association was established in 1973 and is represented in the leagues of men, women and youth by 17 teams competitive. Players Association belong regular staff of the Israel national team and represent Israel in European and World championships.Football [ Edit source code | Editorial ]Main article - Hapoel Beer ShevaIn 1949 established football team Hapoel Beer Sheva . The team won two consecutive championships in Israel (1975-1976), once the Cup (1997) in three Toto Cups (two in the Premiership and one National League) and the National Champion of Champions .Other groups are Be'er Sheva Maccabi Beer Sheva plays in A, m. S. Beersheba (formerly Beitar Be'er Sheva) playing in B and relatively new team football club playing in Beersheba Tuesday.Basketball [ Edit source code | Editorial ]Unified basketball team Urban Beer Sheva plays in the National League South District. And groups Hapoel Beer Sheva , Elizur Beer Sheva and ASA Beersheba, playing in the League A. .College Football [ Edit source code | Editorial ]Beer - Sheva Black Swarm plays in the Israeli Football League .Swimming [ Edit source code | Editorial ]In 1978 established swimming club in Beer Sheva Hapoel Beer Sheva remained active until 1982 . Activity was resumed in 1987 . The club won significant national achievements, but several swimmers who made their debuts at the club, set records and won championships Israelis Israeli swimming when swimming at other clubs. Among these swimmers include Barack Attar , was captain of Israel in swimming in 1992 - 1989 , Almond Zarutzky and Anfish kindnesses .Be'er Sheva exists League workplaces swimming, from 2000 Masters (adult swimmers who are for professionals).Chess [ Edit source code | Editorial ]Be'er Sheva exists Club Chess larger, established in 1973 by Eliyahu Levant . The club is considered one of the best chess clubs in Israel. The club has won numerous championships Israel represented Israel in international competitions. Gaming Club 8 R. - Artists (highest percentage of masters per capita in the world). Rabbi - Artists League season right on in 2013 are: Alon Greenfeld , Alexander Huzman , Michael Ruiz , Maxim Rodshtein , Evgeny Posten , Tamir Nabati , Ilya Hmlnikr and Marc Zeitlin . In 2005, the city hosted the "Chess World Cup," World Cup finals teams.Other sports [ Edit source code | Editorial ]Hapoel Beer Sheva association of other operations such as wrestling and swimming. There are also sports clubs in ASA Beersheba , which also has teams in several sports, BC Beer Sheva ( handball ) and ASA Camels ( Rugby ). [ 1921 as Israel Police From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Israel Police logo The Israel Police (Hebrew: משטרת ישראל , Mishteret Yisrael) is a civilian force in the State of Israel. As with most other police forces in the world, its duties include crime fighting, traffic control and maintaining public safety. It is under the jurisdiction of the Internal Security ministry. The current police commissioner is Rav-Nitzav Dudi Cohen, who succeeded Rav-Nitzav Moshe Karadi. The Headquarters of the Israel Police (Hebrew: מטה ארצי , mateh artzi, Nationwide Command) are located in Jerusalem, in the neighbourhood (former East-Jerusalem) of Nachal Egoz (Vadi Dzhoz, Arabic: وادي الجوز Wādī [l-]Jūz). In case of emergency, a civilian in Israel can reach the police by dialing 100 from any telephone. Roles Security Counter terror. Keep public's security. Maintain public order. Securing public events, rallies and holidays. Handling suspicious objects and explosives (EOD). Securing schools. Riot control / crowd control. Law enforcement Crime fighting Fight crime. Detective work. Covert operations against drug networks. Investigating suspects. Traffic control Police and community Operating the Civil Guard (Mishmar Ezrachi -or by its Hebrew acronym: MaSha"Z). Handling civilian complaints. Handling youth violence and crime. Educating the community and participating in educational campaigns. Organization The Israel Police are a professional force, with some 30,000 officers on the payroll. There are also some 70,000 Civil Guard (Mash'az) volunteers who contribute time to assist officers in their own communities. The police are divided into the following main divisional groups: Headquarters units International Relations Legal Counsel Immigration Control Audit & Accounts Economic Crimes Public Complaints Disciplinary Court Service Administration Safety Appeals Controller Spokesperson Departments Latest Patrol Cars, Škoda Octavia II Human Resources Investigation & Intelligence Logistic Support Organization & Planning Traffic - includes the National Traffic Police Patrol & Security Community & Civil Guard Regional districts Central District Southern District Northern District Judea & Samaria District Tel Aviv District Jerusalem District Operational units The Border Police ("MAGAV") is the combat arm of the police and mainly serves in unquiet areas - the borders, the West Bank, and the rural countryside. The Border Police has both professional officers on payroll and IDF conscripts who serve in the Border Police as their mandatory three-year service in the Israel Defence Forces. The Yamam (acronym for Special Police Unit) is the police elite counter terror hostage rescue unit. It is known as one of the most experienced and specialized in the world. The unit has taken part in hundreds of operations in and outside the borders of Israel. The Yassam is the on-call counter-terror unit in each district. The units, originally started as Riot Police, were called upon to assist with counter-terror operations. It has gained a reputation of being the most elite force on call and ready at any time. The Yassam has sub-units of Rapid Response Motorcycle Units. Weapons and Equipment Israeli police officers are obliged to carry personal firearms while on duty. This is because the Israel Police duties include also counter terror and each police officer must be able to supply an emergency reaction in case of terrorist attack. Another reason is that there are threats of kidnapping officers by Palestinian terrorist groups such as Hamas or Fatah's Tanzim. Each policeman is armed with a pistol (handgun) which he or she usually also carries at while off-duty. Also, each patrol car must have at least one long-arm (i.e rifle). Police volunteers are usually armed with an M1 Carbine, which they return to the police's armory after they finish their duty (they do not take the rifle home, but may sign one out for escorting field trips, etc.). Volunteers who have a gun license may use their own personal handgun as personal defence weapon for their police duty, under the condition that the gun and ammunition type is authorized by the police (9 mm). Common pistols owned and carried by volunteers include Glock and CZ-75 designs. Heavy armaments such as assault rifles, sniper rifles and non-lethal weapons are assigned according to activity and not on personal basis. Border policemen, however, carry an M16 assault rifle as a standard personal weapon and can carry it home while off-duty (like regular infantry in the Israel Defense Forces). Issued weaponry M1 Carbine of Mash'az Remington 700PSS sniper rifle Jericho 941 F handgun Standard issued rifles (non-combat) M1 Carbine (also standard issued weapon of the Mash'az - Civil Guard) M1A1 Carbine (modernized M1 Carbine with folding stock) M1 Carbine bullpup Micro-Galil 5.56 mm submachine gun Standard issued assault rifle (combat) M16 assault rifle, Colt Commando, CAR15, M4 Carbine Galil assault rifle Sniper rifles Remington 700P Mauser SP66 Mauser K98 (mainly in the Civil Guard) M14 Rifle (mainly in Israel Border Police) Galatz - Galil Tzalafim (Galil Sniper version) Handguns IMI Jericho 941 Beretta 71 .22LR Browning Hi-Power Glock 17 (Yamam and other special units only) Non lethal weapons Police batons Tear gas Flash grenades Rubber bullets Pepper spray Water cannon Tasers Ranks English equivalent (Hebrew) Rank Enlisted Constable שוטר Shoter Lance Corporal רב שוטר Rav Shoter Corporal סמל שני Samal Sheni Sergeant סמל ראשון Samal Rishon Sergeant Major רב סמל Rav Samal Staff Sergeant Major רב סמל ראשון Rav Samal Rishon Advanced Staff Sergeant Major רב סמל מתקדם Rav Samal Mitkadem Senior Staff Sergeant Major רב סמל בכיר Rav Samal Bakhir Senior NCO רב נגד Rav Nagad Officer Sub-Inspector מפקח משנה Mefake'ah Mishneh Inspector מפקח Mefake'ah Chief Inspector פקד Pakad Superintendent רב פקד Rav Pakad Chief Superintendent סגן ניצב Sgan Nitzav Commander ניצב משנה Nitzav Mishneh Brigadier General תת ניצב Tat Nitzav Major General ניצב Nitzav Commissioner רב ניצב Rav Nitzav Source: Israel Police website (Hebrew version) Honors and Awards July 6, 2004: Received an award from the Anti-Defamation League for its counter terror efforts and for passing seminars of counter-terror measures to FBI and local USA police. [1],[2] List of General Commissioners Yehezkel Sahar (1948–1958) Yosef Nachmias (1958–1964) Pinhas Kopel (1964–1972) Aaron Sela (1972) Shaul Rosolio (1972–1976) Haim Tavori (1976–1979) Herzl Shapir (1980) Aryeh Ivtzen (1981–1985) David Kraus (1985–1990) Yaakov Turner (1990–1993) Rafi Peled (1993–1994) Asaf Hefetz (1994–1997) Yehuda Vilk (1998–2000) Shlomo Aharonishki (2001–2004) Moshe Karadi (2004–2007) Dudi Cohen (2007–date) External links Official website: English Hebrew Arabic Russian Israeli Police Vehicles - Hebrew Israeli Police Work Cast Under Discredit The First Israeli Police Logo and whistle --> --> כניסה --> Israel Police --> חפש משטרת ישראל-דף הבית > Israel Police AboutThePolice Children & Adolescents ContactUs Districts & Branches Emergercy lines Forum Public Information Servises & Forms SiteMap Volunteers Ministry of public security Mission and functions Vision and values Tourism Policemen and an N.C.O's FAQ’s Crime Victims’ Branch commerce משטרת ישראל-דף הבית > Israel Police Israel Police Home Page --> Welcome to the Israel Police website. Israel Police works to enforce the law in the spirit of the fundamental values of the State of Israel, as they are expressed in the Proclamation of Independence, with the goal of providing personal security and quality of life to the residents. At present, Israel Police is concentrating its activity on strengthening the personal security of Israel’s residents, with an emphasis on the war on crime and the war on traffic accidents. This website will enable you to familiarize yourself with Israel Police and its diverse and widespread activity. By means of the website you can learn about the various units, many of which invite the public to play an active role in their activity, as volunteers. The website also provides regular updates and enables surfers to convey feedback to the Police and perform various actions in order to shorten administrative proceedings. It is one more tool that enables us to strengthen our ties with the public and to improve the service that we provide. In order to rise to the many challenges that it faces, Israel Police needs cooperation and volunteerism on the part of the public. I hope that every citizen of Israel will feel a connection and a sense of belonging to Israel Police, whether by actively joining in our shared effort or by demonstrating good citizenship and respect for the law and its enforcement. I hope you enjoy surfing our website, Dudi Cohen, Commissioner, The Inspector General Condition: New, Type: police, Product Type: PATCHES, Organization Type: POLICE, Category: INTERNATIONAL POLICE Insights Exclusive
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